Moritz S. Fischer


PhD Student

Moritz S. Fischer


PhD Student

About Me

I'm a final-year PhD student at the Hamburg Observatory and part of the excellence cluster Quantum Universe. My research interests are astrophysics on large-scales and models beyond ΛCDM. I prefer to work numerically, including all the way from new ideas for numerical schemes to the analysis of simulation data.

In my PhD project, I focus on the phenomenology of dark matter with frequent self-interactions (small-angle scattering). N-body simulations are employed to study how self-interactions can alter the distribution of dark matter. In particular, I have developed a numerical scheme that allows – for the first time – to simulate mergers or do cosmological simulations with this type of self-interaction. For more details, see my publications.

My Research Interests
Dark Matter and Cosmology
Simulation Code Development
Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Numerical Methods
2019 - Present
PhD Student
University Hamburg

I am doing my doctorate on simulations of self-interacting dark matter. Supervisors: Prof. M. Brüggen and Dr. K. Schmidt-Hoberg.

Master in Physics
University Heidelberg

Master thesis with Dr. A. Pillepich at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg.

2013 - 2017
Bachelor in Physics
University Heidelberg

Bachelor thesis with Prof. H. Klahr at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg.

My Skills
  • C++
    11.5 yrs
  • Python
    4.7 yrs
  • English
  • German
Refereed Publications
Cosmological simulations with rare and frequent dark matter self-interactions
Unequal-mass mergers of dark matter haloes with rare and frequent self-interactions
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Supervised Students
Lenard Kasselmann

Bachelor thesis on dark matter with velocity-dependent self-interactions

Nils Durke

Worked as a master's student on mergers of galaxy clusters with dark matter self-interactions and intracluster medium

Claudius Hammer
Katharina Hollingshausen
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